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At Liv Design we have created a number of innovative websites and new media projects. 

I work with a number of professionals to bring clients the best online presence and user experience. From SEO websites, content managed websites, html email campaigns, smart phone apps and flash animations we can create a number of highly effective digital and web based projects to promote your business and services. The design and visual aspect – the look and feel – of the project is the area that I focus on.

Farmhouse Inns

Farmhouse Inns menu page designs

These visuals were created for Greene King for their Farmhouse Inns brands. A new look and feel and layout was need for the menu pages.

Farmhouse Inns focuses on traditional pub meals and daily carveries.

I’ve worked with their in-house team on a number of web banners and promotional events pages for many of Greene King’s brands including Flaming Grill, Eating Inn, Hungry Horse and Loch Fyne.

NUAST website homepage

NUAST website

As part of our successful tender to work with NUAST we designed the new website complete with a new brand identity.

The website was designed with a simple format with strong branding to create an easy to use site with simple navigation. The user experience, particularly for students with disabilities, was important and information was created to be quick to find and easily identifiable.

The home page contains essential links with a main heading bar housing key sections. Sectioned blocks in the modern corporate colours provide simple direction to other key sections and current articles and postings. Selected navigation areas stand out in white and are underlined. Options are kept to a minimum to avoid the user becoming overwhelmed with information and page depth.

NUAST webpage

Section pages are designed to provide key information simply and concisely without being confusing and cluttered. A searchable area allows course selection via type and subject. The lime yellow coloured area shows the pathway to where you are on the page allowing the user to go back and start again easily (a ‘trail’), which is to be implemented as the site grows in the next phase.

The University of Nottingham, as co-sponsor, are building website to the Liv Design visuals. The site went live in early September 2013.


Sophie & Boo website

Sophie & Boo website

Sophie and Boo website design

Website designed for catering and deli brand Sophie and Boo. After the success of the brand identity, stationary and packaging, Liv Design were asked to create the new website. The brief was to create something stylish that reflected the home made products and captured the essence of the brand.

Sophie and Boo products are created by hand in small batches using locally sourced ingredients, and many from their own orchard and vegetable garden. In addition to the products Sophie and Boo also make hampers and offer quality catering services for special events.



University of Nottingham online tutorials

Animated tutorials for the University of Nottingham 

Liv Design created a number of interactive tutorials for the University of Nottingham to help students and staff connect to the University’s internal secure wireless network. Tutorials were created for a number of systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac and iPhone/iPod touch.

The Flash based tutorials are a series of step-by-step animated sequences shown in simple to follow steps, complete with voiceovers to aid partially sighted or disabled users.

University of Nottingham online tutorials

A ‘press’ action was designed specifically for the iPhone animation to portray a pressing/touch action. The animation uses a pulsing red dot to show where to touch the screen.


Liv Design Newsletters

The Liv Design enewsletter

When time permits I produce a Liv Design a digital email newsletter full of the latest design news within the creative sector. It features the latest Liv Design news and goings on, recent projects, industry events, articles and features on classic design products.

Newsletters are a relatively cost-effective and quick way to promote you business or service, announce your latest news, events, special offers or products. It can be a highly efficient way of communicating with a large number of contacts and helpful in collecting and determining market data.

I can create an html email newsletter for you in a variety of style and formats to match your branding, market sector and customers.


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