Visuals, retouching and illustration

Here are a few examples of photoshop renders, pack layouts, retouching and illustration work that I’ve created.

Whether it’s to demonstrate what a new design would look like to your team or to gauge feedback for potential new products, a photoshop render or visualised packaging design can make the world of difference.


Cadbury Creme Egg Bunny

Character illustrations for Cadbury Creme Egg

Working with SGS, these characters were created to add a touch of fun to the Cadbury Creme Egg packs. The Easter bunny character is used across a range of Cadbury products and needed to be adapted to be used on the side of pack and shown him delivering eggs in a fun way.

The scooter illustration was chosen and will run for three seasons..

Franciscan Well illustration

Franciscan Well illustrations for Molson Coors

Franciscan Well is an Irish Craft Brewery and one of the brands from the Molson Coors portfolio. A new product was launched which needed to be recreated in a similar illustration style as the rest of the product range.

The illustration would be used across a whole range of printed marketing literature and online..


Center Parcs Sunsafe

Illustrations for a Boots and Center Parcs editorial

Center Parcs and Boots collaborated to create a sun safety editorial article. The article needed a series of illustrations to highlight key facts within the article. The illustrations were devised as visual reminders to: 1) apply suncream even on a cloudy day, 2) apply at least three tablespoons of suncream to the whole of your body, 3) show that wearing a wet t-shirt doesn’t protect skin from UV rays, and 4) a reminder to always apply suncream to your family, particular active children. .

Cobra PMP 12 pack

Cobra Price Marked Pack

I’ve created literally hundreds of packs for Molson Coors over the 10 years that I’ve worked with them. From single bottles and cans, to multipacks, special edition packs and price marked packs. Many of these new packs are needed urgently for suppliers, third parties, sales teams or retail stores before the artwork is completed. This is where a quick, good quality visual is ideal.

This one was for a new Cobra 20x500ml special offer flow wrap pack.

Carling cider euro

Carling Cider European flavours

These cartons were designed and visualised for the European market, hence the different design to the UK packs. The flavour variants were also unique to Europe. The flat designs were created in Photoshop and Illustrator, then visualised in Photoshop.