The sequel novel is finished – Return to Havenmill is now available

Return to Havenmill by Scott JohnsonIt was just over a year ago when my first novel, The Wolf Hound and the Raven, came out. Now, just over a year later my second novel is finally finished. What started out as a bit of a hobby has slowly turned into something else, something all-consuming. It’s been a long and arduous journey to get to this point. The first novel took over three years to complete and edit. Despite all the obstacles and the difficulties of ‘going alone’ that I experienced as an independent author, I’d already decided to write a sequel straight away, and I’m proud to say that Return to Havenmill is now out. It’s such a relief, and it’s something that I’m very proud of. I redesigned the cover of the first book too to celebrate.

People have asked me if it was easier second time around. It was quicker, certainly (taking just over a year to write Return to Havenmill). I knew the characters better, I’d learned more about the artistry of writing and I knew how to edit more thoroughly too. My passion for this book was even stronger than the first, which is perhaps why I felt so emotional and drained when I finally completed it! The novels become almost like children – they take over your life. With good reviews and positive feedback from the first novel there was also a certain amount of pressure attached to the second book. Writing, editing, designing, proofing, publishing, test reads – there’s so much to do; and that’s while working full time too. Easier? No. More demanding? Yes. Better? Hopefully. I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

So what’s it about? It’s complicated… Return to Havenmill is the sequel to The Wolf Hound and the Raven. It picks up straight after the events in the first novel. It’s an action packed Victorian tale of treachery, politics, fantasy and secrets. (SPOILERS follow!)
The Wolf Hound and the Raven and Return to Havenmill
Alexander and Mary find themselves lost and alone after escaping from the bloodbath of the wedding. Alone, lost, and on the run, they must find the strength to survive and learn the truth about their past before it is too late. Who can help them? How can the House of the Serpent be stopped?

Their friend, Daniel Lindström, discovers a long buried secret that could help to bring down Lord Tannith and end his brutal plans to spread war and tyranny across Europe. Millions of innocent lives hang in the balance as the power of the House of the Serpent spreads and an Empire slowly emerges.

If you do read either novel I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. Indie authors face a massive uphill struggle to get their work out into the big wide world so any kind words are greatly received!

Both novels are available in printed and digital formats from Amazon.

Will there be a third book? Watch this space…

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