Packaging design

Packaging design is the link between the product and the buyer.

It’s important to create the right image to make your product standout from competitors and encourage the consumer to make a purchase. Colour, imagery, format and substrate combine to create an emotional attachment. Successful packaging design will create a long term relationship with the consumer and encourage brand loyalty.


Thorntons’ Summer Selection Box

Thorntons Summer selection boxes
Summer’s finally here! The sun’s out, the kids are off. There’s no better time to relax, unwind and share a box of chocolates with your nearest and dearest.

Thornton’s recently launched their 2017 Summer Selection range, consisting of a new Selection Box and mixed bags of sweets. The design was created by Scott Johnson at Liv Design, and artworked by Thornton’s internal studio team.
The brief was to design something that was fresh, light and summery with the ability to adapt into point of sale and in-store merchandising and advertising. The Summer Selection Box was designed as part of a new 2017 Seasonal range with a consistent look and feel which will include Autumn, Winter and Christmas designs. Each has it’s own unique look and feel with colours that are clearly identifiable with the seasons. Four subtle colours fill the corners of the design and blend together to form the background of the design. Illustrations and seasonal icons, created from the Thornton’s Emblem device, gently cascade around the box front to frame the logo and form a base for the product photography, adding focus and emphasis.

Here you can see how the original concept developed through to the finished packaging design.
Thorntons Summer Design
The Limited Edition Summer Collection is available now online and in-store won’t be here for long so get yours now before Summer’s over.

Cadbury Ghost Egg

Cadbury Ghost Egg

The Ghost Egg is a new product for this year. The Ghost Egg is essentially a Cadbury Creme Egg without the yellow yolk. The purple and orange colours were used as they are now associated with Halloween. An SRP and header card were also designed and carried a promotional competition for Alton Towers Scarefest. The tray and SRP had to carry the same information as some stores would not display the header card depending on position on the shelf.
Cadbury Ghost Egg SRP


Aquafresh children’s toothbrush and cup range

Aquafresh design Opt1
These concepts were produced for Marks Design’s client GSK and the Aquafresh brand. The designs were created for a children’s toothbrush and cup set for pack the European market.
Aquafresh pack Opt2
They needed to push the creativity whilst adhering to the corporate guidelines and using the Aquafresh assets and the Captain Aquafresh character. A design for the cup was also looked at.
Aquafresh pack Opt3
The challenge was to show all the pack information and range elements and still have space for the character and the product. A more conventional route was decided upon ultimately.
Aquafresh Pack Opt4


Cobra lager packaging

Working with the Molson Coors design studio team, I worked on a project to look at rebranding and repositioning the Cobra brand.
Cobra Zero
As part of the initial phase of the brand’s redevelopment the packaging was redesigned for Cobra, Cobra Zero and Cobra King. This entailed looking at the bottles, labels, 4 pack outer sleeves and 12 pack cartons. Theses designs were an evolution of the current packaging design.
Cobra bottles
An iconic bottle design was also explored.

CDM Snowy Delight

Cadbury Snowy Delight concepts

Concepts produced for a limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. The new product had a chocolate outer with a white mouse centre. A number of concept visuals were produced and developed.


Carling Zest packaging

Packaging design and renders for Molson Coors

Liv Design have worked with Molson Coors for over 10 years. During that time I’ve created a variety of packaging designs for most of their portfolio of brands including Carling, Carling Cider, Carling Zest, Cobra, Coors Light, Corona, Doom Bar and Grolsh (including many exciting new secret projects that I can’t show on here).

Doom Bar packaging renders

The visuals were created for a variety of pack sizes showing both boxed product designs and flow-wrap renders to view and demonstrate the latest range of packaging. For more pack designs that I’ve visualised take a look at this section.

Coors Light packagingVisual renders were created for a number of Coors Light flow-wrap versions including 8x440ml packs, 4x440ml packs and 4x500ml packs which had to adhere to the corporate guidelines.


sophie & boo packaging

Sophie and Boo hand-made deli products

Designs for the packaging of the new deli brand and conserve specialist ‘Sophie and Boo’. A selection of preserves, chutneys and country kitchen style products were initially created and a suite of packaging designs were produced to cater for the differing sizes and shapes of the products. A range of labels were created including separate stickers featuring the ‘Goose icon’. Each product features a main label, a lid label and a swing tag. The products are available from selected delis.


Borsari Panettone

Borsari panettone design

I designed a range of panettone for Equator and their client Winterbotham Darby for Waitrose. The Borsari panettone featured a modern yet traditional looking printed outer wrap and was finished with a matching coloured ribbon. A range of packaging designs were created for Classic, Cherry and Chocolate recipes, each available in three sizes: 90g, 500g and 750g.


Rock Mild beer packaging

Nottingham Brewery Rock Mild beer labels

Bottle designs for Rock Mild, a successful real ale brand of Nottingham Brewery  (Nottingham’s leading micro-brewery). The clear glass bottles and minimal labelling allows for a full view of the product. Simple, clean bottle and neck labelling adds a touch of quality and creates a modern brand with traditional roots.


Castle Rock bottles

Nottingham Brewery’s Rock Mild bottles

These concept bottle designs were created for Rock Mild, a successful real ale brand of the Nottingham Brewery, Nottingham’s leading micro-brewery. The clear bottle option allows for view of the product with the other two options designed with darkened glass and a black shrink wrap to create a sense of intrigue and mystery.

Simple and clean label designs using gold and foil graphics, along with subtle neck labelling add a touch of quality and create both a modern yet traditional feeling to appeal to a diverse real-ale market.


Aldi water packaging

Packaging design for Aldi Strathrowan bottled water

Packaging design for multi-packs of natural bottled water for Aldi UK. Designs were produced for both still and sparkling versions. The text and images were tailored to the Scottish market where the product was to be marketed and the brief was to follow current market competitor styles. The sparkling and still products in the range were distinguished by using green and blue text, tinted bottles and wrap.

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