Graphic design

Graphic design: the use of colour, typography, illustration and photography to visually communicate a message. This section covers our print based literature and visual design.

In this digital age we still love printed material. If you think of a printed design as a tactile piece of packaging, designed to endorse your brand and market your product effectively, then you will realise how important well-designed printed literature is.

Whether it’s a flyer, leaflet, brochure, annual report, catalogue, magazine or prospectus, I’ve designed every type of marketing material, promotional device and POS, for everyone from local businesses to global blue-chip clients.


Mondelez Easter Catalogue

Easter and Mini Seasons Catalogue for Mondelez

Working with the Marks Design team I designed the cover and elements of the interior pages for the Easter and Mini Seasons catalogue. The catalogue is a promotional sales tool containing every Mondelez product available for retailers during Easter and other key dates (such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween). A Cadbury purple coloured foil Easter egg forms the centre piece for the cover. Key products from the Mondelez portfolio were arranged in a hedge-like design for a spring/seasonal feel. The overall design tied in with elements of current Easter promotional material.

Coors infographic scamp

Corporate infographic for Molson Coors

This large format infographic diagram was designed to be used as a training device in a printed format and for digital presentations. It was designed to illustrate the process of improving health and safety, create more efficient manufacturing processes and better management throughout the Molson Coors business.
Molson Coors infographic The initial scamp and the final design are shown. A number of creative routes were originally proposed. This route started out as a game board concept which was then simplified to make it more obvious for the user.

Areas were designed to allow annotation and editing by the authors and trainers.


NUAST prospectus 2014

Prospectus and marketing material for NUAST

Following a successful tender win, Liv Design have worked on a number of printed marketing material for Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology, in addition to creating the brand and the website.

The first ever prospectus is now complete, aimed at recruiting students between 14 and 19 years for the new Academy. The prospectus had to appeal to both students, parents and stakeholders.

Simple square shapes form part of the brand and represent ‘building blocks’. These created a grid style design which made the prospectus clear and easy to read. The blocky/grid style adds a focussed feeling and reinforced aspects of technological development and growth: both core aspects of the NUAST brand.

The prospectus inners use bold modern colours to retain a young adult feeling. Sectioned areas creates brief yet informative ‘bite size’ text. The colour contrast creates legibility for online use and the A4 format allows for students to print out a digital copy at the same size if needed.


Category Team Journey Map

Category Vision Information Graphic for Molson Coors

Liv Design have produced many Information Graphic charts, diagrams and timelines for global brewer Molson Coors (see examples below). Recently we produced branding and design material for the Category Team to demonstrate to the rest of the business and externally their plans for the future and showcase their core values and strengths. To portray this journey Liv Design created a travel themed map as part of the strategy to summarise and show timings, progress and goals. This formed part of a larger identity which was used for information seminars and in marketing material.


Craft Brewery competition poster visuals

Brewery competition poster

Liv Design designed these poster options for micro-brewer Craft Brewery. As part of their marketing and promotional material Craft Brewery wanted to promote a competition to create a name for their newest brew at their bar and restaurant.



Center Parcs Winter Wonderland brochures

Center Parcs Winter Wonderland booklets and guides

In addition to the branding for the Winter Wonderland theme at Center Parcs we designed a range of brochures to promote seasonal activities and festive events during November and December the Center Parcs villages (Sherwood, Elveden, Longleat and Whinfell). Material included leaflets, welcome guides, promotional posters and signage.


University of Derby art brochures

University of Derby faculty brochures

Designs created for a range of brochures for the faculty of Arts, Design and Technology. The brochure range formed a suite of literature which could be sent out individually or part of a set.

The design was bold, dynamic and creative to appeal to the target audience. Quirky split-text headings invited readership and bite sized areas of text, statements, facts and helpful information helped ease of use. Large images created a magazine style format.


University of Nottingham IT guide

University of Nottingham’s Library and IT Services

A pack was designed to provide information about the range of services, information and technical support provided by the University of Nottingham. Two main brochures were produced along with a range of quick reference cards which were inserted into a pocket in the back of the main brochure, each short trimmed for accessibility.

An ‘asterisk’ style icon was created, each arm representing a different subject or topic of the department. The icon was then applied across a variety of media with the colours forming a palette for co-ordinated sections within the brochures. The soft colours portrayed a calm and supportive tone.

The overall look was to portray a modern, knowledgeable and technically competent University but retain simplicity, direction and recognition.


University of Nottingham 24/7 leaflet

University of Nottingham ‘Open 24/7’ promotional leaflets

Bannerstands and leaflets were designed for the University of Nottingham to promote IT, computing and technology services by the Information Services department. They were used at open days, education shows and events to promote the availability of services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We created a dynamic and eye-catching Sun and Moon graphic and a ‘neon’ 24/7 logo to reflect the ‘open all hours’ theme. The leaflet’s landscape format added a cinematic feeling and weight to the promotion. It was also necessary to keep the information legible for international and disabled students and had to appeal to both students and their parents.


Mansfield 2020 Annual Review

Mansfield 2020 Annual Report

This Annual Report was created for Mansfield 2020, a prolific regional business and networking organisation. The 2010 edition marked their 20th anniversary edition. A ‘polaroid’ style design was used for their retrospective look at the previous 20 years whilst still keeping the publication modern, clean and forward facing.


Mansfield 2020 Directory

Mansfield 2020 Members’ Directories

Liv Design worked with Mansfield 2020, a network and business organisation focussed on regional business growth and support, for a number of years. I designed a number of seasonal Member’s Directories. The directory is a handbook for members, produced twice yearly, which lists member companies, contact details and categories.

The directories also feature a variety of members advertisements. The design reflects the professional and business focus of the organisation and sets out the members information in a clear, concise and legible format which is easy to use and navigate through.


Coors Horizon Infographic

Molson Coors evaluation project infographic

Molson Coors brewers embarked on a huge and lengthy project to review, evaluate and assess internal processes and operational procedures group-wide. Liv Design created a concept based around a journey to portray the series of updates and timetable of changes. This ‘Map’ concept portrayed the process as an OS style map, with paths and routes, and key points depicted as icons along the way. This helped staff to understand what was happening, at what time, and the order that events would take place.

The map was visualised on a table of a pub to keep with the brewery aspect with items that a walker or explorer would have with them when planning a journey such as notebook, compass and gloves. The graphic was used on posters, banners, desk pads and promotional material.


Nottingham City Council Welcome pack

Nottingham City Council Welcome Pack

A Welcome Pack is sent out to every new resident of Nottingham by Nottingham City Council. The pack contains a range of advice, key contacts, council details, and lists a whole range of things to do and see in the city. The pack consists of a brochure and a pocket for inserts to promote Nottingham as a safe, exciting and friendly city, creating a feeling of being ‘great place to live’.


Nottingham City Council Housing

Housing pack for Nottingham City Council

A pack designed for Nottingham City Council to promote the benefits of accommodation and care for the elderly within the city area.

The pack was designed primarily to provide clear and concise information. The aim was to create a feel-good factor, while still adhering to Nottingham City Council’s corporate guidelines. Supporting information leaflets were also produced which were held in a pocket at the back.


Galleries of Justice brochure

Galleries of Justice corporate events brochure design

The Galleries of Justice, run by NCCL, an educational charity, required a brochure  to showcase it’s events and promote corporate hospitality hosting. The brochure was sent out to prospective delegates to promote daytime meeting room hire and ‘Galleries After Dark’ evening events such as Murder Mysteries, Themed events and Ghost tours. The design evokes the mood, details and feelings of the Victorian building with it’s court room, prisons and crime displays.


DMU international prospectus

DeMontfort University International prospectuses

These concepts were designed for the International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectuses for De Montfort University (DMU). The brief was to design a prospectus to appeal to students who were brand aware, media savvy consumers and experienced users of new technology.

Clear navigation was used throughout including colour coding of faculties, quick reference key fact and summary boxes, and given a personal aspect with quotes and callouts. Graphic illustrations were used throughout to create a sophisticated and modern feel. For the Postgraduate Prospectus more imagery was used to suit the audience with greater emphasis on career based experience and testimonies.


University of Nottingham annual review

Liv Design annual review for The University of Nottingham

An annual review for designed for The University of Nottingham summarising the progress made for the financial year. A simple format provided easy navigation, aided by colour coded sections. The different coloured ‘ribbons’ design represents the different departments and aspects of the University coming together for one end goal and primary purpose. The successful design formed the basis of a number of internal projects for over two years.


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