It’s important to be noticed. It’s even more important to be remembered.

There are many creative opportunities available to market and promote your company, products and services in both printed and digital formats. From press advertising to direct mail, exhibitions to e-shots, I can help to give your business and product the attention that it needs.

Advertising will help to reinforcing your offering, increase awareness of your brand, attract new business, develop market share and create brand loyalty. Liv Design has experience in creating effective advertising and promotional campaigns for a number of clients. Creative advertising and promotion can be tailored to suit all budgets and markets and help to keep your brand fresh and your message clear and dynamic.



NUAST press ads

Advertising campaign for NUAST

As part of the launch and promotion of the new Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology (NUAST) asked Liv Design to create a series of informative and eye-catching advertisements. Adverts were produced for both web and print and featured in the Nottingham Arrow magazine, What Next magazine, the Nottingham Post, Nottingham in Focus and also for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Futures.

The adverts had to communicate a number of messages and information coherently and quickly whilst matching a number of other marketing material pieces. The designs also had to adhere to the newly developed brand guidelines (which I also created). A key aspect of the adverts was the use of the branding to create a coherent and concise look, feel and corporate message.


Center Parcs Come Back Soon adverts

Come Back Soon branding and advertising

In addition to the brand identity for Center Parcs’ Come Back Soon promotion I also created a series of designs for press and online advertising. The use of bold colour, white space and clear imagery created a sense of warmth and fun while keeping the message on-point. The curved edges created a soft, friendly approach to fit with the relaxed family friendly aspect of the brand.

The scheme promotes incentives to current holidaymakers and encourages them to re-book their next break within a limited timeframe.


Hancocks Bloody Nora

Hancock’s Bloody Nora Halloween advertisement

A full page advert for Molson Coors trade magazine ‘Hotlines’. Created to promote the Bloody Nora beer for the Halloween season, a suitably spooky feel was used to match the seasonal product.


Hotlines Christmas

Molson Coor’s Hotlines magazine

Molson Coors (UK), based in Burton on Trent, is the UK’s second largest brewer. Throughout the year they produce a series of trade magazines called ‘Hotlines’. The publication is aimed at the trade industry to showcase Molson Coors beers, wines and spirits and promote offers on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Advertising space is also given to third party brands and promoters.

Liv Design worked extensively on the December and Christmas editions producing a number series of advertisements for a wide range of Molson Coors products and brands.


Coors Hotlines Christmas wine advert

Molson Coors Christmas advertisements

Over the years I have created a series adepts of Molson Coors. These festive themed single and double page advertisements are for the Molson Coors (UK) ‘Hotlines’  trade magazine.

This double page advertisement was created to promote a series of deals for a number of wine brands with corresponding offers.

The wine brands needed to be distinct and clear, and the offers concise. The design needed to be seasonal and inviting.


Hotlines Christmas

Cocktail promotional advertising for Molson Coors

Cocktail drinks double page advertisement for Molson Coors (UK) ‘Hotlines’ magazine. This Christmas and New Year advert showcased a number of  seasonal cocktail recipes and the spirits needed to create them.

This advert was given a youthful, energetic feeling with an angled page design and retro style to appeal to a younger target audience.


Nottingham City Council Our Nottingham ad campaign

Our Nottingham advertising campaign

This tender-winning brand identity and advertising campaign was designed for Nottingham City Council. The ‘badge’ style logo allowed for a wide variety of uses and media applications. The campaign needed to be flexible to cover a wide variety of sectors.

The aim of the campaign was to promote the work that Nottingham City Council had done over the past ten years or so to make Nottingham a better, safer, more desirable place to live.

The ‘Our’ badge campaign created a sense of pride and ownership for Nottingham residents. Advertisements used sector specific imagery with messages on badges on lapels, bags, or jackets depending on whether it was aimed at business, children or students etc. Designs were created for lamp post banners, Council House banners, Adshel and bus stop adverts, and online promotion.


Nottingham Brewery EPA ad

Nottingham Brewery’s Extra Pale Ale campaign

An advertising campaign was implemented to promote Nottingham Brewery’s Extra Pale Ale. Posters and adverts were designed to promote the local brewer’s brand in pubs where the beer was available for sale.

The campaign was to promote the brand and encourage real ale drinkers to try the new improved product.

As Nottingham Brewery has a long history and heritage with the area, the link was made with another famous recognisable local – Robin Hood. The design echoed the traditional values and heritage associated with the brand with a real ale/local pub feeling.


Nottingham Drinker cover ad

Nottingham Drinker adverts for Nottingham Brewery

During a four year period a number of cover adverts were designed of rNottingham Brewery to go on the cover of the Nottingham Drinker magazine (the monthly magazine of Nottingham CAMRA).

The new styled advertisements were created as part of a wider advertising campaign. The adverts reflect the brewery’s hand crafted real-ale character and individual approach to manufacturing along with their proud heritage with Nottingham and the City’s residents.

The campaign helped the brewery to achieve the number one spot for the most requested brand and availability in the most pubs in Nottingham in 2008/2009, replacing Greene King who were the previous leader! No mean feat considering how many pubs the competitors own.



McDonald’s restaurant advertorial

As part of McDonald’s drive to inform and educate both consumers and the public about nutritional values, health benefits and the quality of it’s products, a national advertorial campaign was run. The focus was on the use of quality local ingredients. A new simpler icon system was also developed and launched. Part of the article highlighted the work that McDonalds’s does in the community with sport and fitness for children. The advertorial appeared in a number of best selling UK magazines.


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